Thursday, October 25, 2012

Keys To the Game

Here are my keys to the game for Saturdays Game:

First off the offense needs to have similar performance to last week. USF has 0 interceptions this year and this needs to be taken advantage of. They are 59th in pass defense averaging almost 250 passing yards allowed a game. Look for Nassib to have a huge game.

Jerome Smith should also be poised for a another monster game, USF rush defense is 72nd in the nation allowing over 180 yards rushing per-game. If Smith cant get another 100 yard game I would almost consider it a disappointment, but hey maybe I'm asking too much.

Bottom line: USF's Defense is awful, really really awful. Look for the offense to have a Huge game.

Second i have the front 7, they have been smothering the rush for 3 games now, allowing a mere 1.2 yards per carry (best in the big east vs big east opponents.) But in this game they face a scrambling QB, the likes of which they haven't seen since Kain Colter in the first game of the year. Last year Daniels ran all over the D and its safe to assume he will have another big running game. With a Quarterback like BJ its very hard to stop both facets of his game. a 5,6 yard run is a whole lot better then a 50 60 yard pass.

Demetrius Murray and Lindsy Lamar are backs with power and speed but they lack the yards to prove it due to poor Offensive line play. once again gotta take advantage shut down the run.

Brandon Sharpe is going to  need to get into the back field, rattle him quick and Daniels will make poor decisions hes proved year after year and this game will not be the one where he changes that. Im looking for Marquis Spruill to have a break out game this year and make some big hits on BJ.

Third and finally they are going to need Ross Krautman to have another 100% day. When this team gets in the redzone, it still stalled even with the tank package and with AAM out you have to be able to rely on your kicker to give you some points when you dont get a touchdown.

 Final take: I feel Syracuse has the talent, coaching and the momentum to win this game, but with USF coming off a 5 game losing streak and coming home to home coming, gotta remember its college football and anything can happen any given Saturday.

Prediction: 31-21 Syracuse.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Syraucuse Vs South Florida: Early week Outlook

This weekend the Syracuse Orange (3-4, 2-1) will take on the South Florida Bulls (2-5, 0-3) in Tampa Stadium, Tampa. The Orange will be going into this game on a one game win streak after topping UConn 40-10, while the Bulls will be entering the game on a 5 game losing streak culminating with a 2 point loss to Louisville.  

Syracuse player an all around great game last week and they will need to build on that win in order hopefully achieve their goal of making it to a bowl game. USF is better then their record would show, they have a veteran quarter back in BJ Daniels who the team and coaching staff is still hoping will mature in these last few weeks and allow the bulls to rally off 4 wins and get to the 6 win number that just evaded them last year.

Both teams come in with coaches who last week seemed to be on the hot seat entering their respective games. Doug Marrone was able to turn his team around after the Five turnover performance that his team put out against a tough Rutgers defense.Skip Holtz went into last week with many fans calling for him to be terminated at the end of the season and sadly didn't silence many of them with his teams inspiring but losing output against the #16 Cardinals where Teddy Bridgewater sealed the game with a touchdown pass to Eli Rodgers with 1:39 left in the game.

So we come to this week Doug Marrone and the Orange are hoping to continue his new-found defensive success and make it to a bowl game. While Skip Holtz and the Bulls try to right the ship before they hit the proverbial iceberg and cause a bad season to turn into an appalling one. 

At this time both teams are relativity healthy with the Orange most likely gaining their Kick/Punt returner back in Jeremiah Kobena. The Bulls have slight concerns with Demetris Murray who has a slight ankle injury and DE Tevin Mims who has a groin injury though both are expected to play.

My Keys To The Game will be coming on Thursday. 

Feel Free to post your opinions on the game below!